MOPIENS’ ILS (Instrument Landing System) is fully compliant with ICAO Annex 10 requirements and fully proven throughout commercial operation at the airports located both in Korea and overseas. MOPIENS provides ANSPs and DCAs (Department of Civil Aviation) with full range of ILS H/W & S/W covering CAT I, II and III. As a major NavAids Manufacturer, MOPIENS supports customer’s demands of equipment and related technical services contributing to Air Navigation Safety Enhancement.

Key Features
    • Complies with ICAO specifications in Annex 10
    • The equipment is designed in such a manner as to facilitate accomplishing the testing, adjustments and maintenance operations.
    • The system is microprocessor-controlled and designed for ease of installation, high reliability, maximum attention to fail safe characteristics in all monitoring system, enhanced system security, the maximum number of required control and telephone lines and maximum attention to equipment and personnel safety.
    • Circuit breakers and fuses on AC & DC power lines and internal circuits offer maximum protection for the equipment. Surge suppression devices are incorporated in all external interface circuitry where applicable.
    • System software is designed with provision for RTCA DO-278.
    • The system is designed around a “plug and play” philosophy to the maximum extent possible where replacement modules are automatically configured for their correct operating parameters when inserted in the system cabinet.
    • Operator interfaces to the system using computers is designed around a graphic user interface (GUI).
    • The Localizer and Glide path electronic subsystems consist of a capture-effect dual transmitter, dual monitor configuration of a modular design.