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Since the establishment of the technology center at MOPIENS, Inc., in 1999, we have continued to be the leaders in the domestic aircraft navigation safety market. Developing standard compliant products with superior aircraft navigation wireless technology is the driving force of the company. 

We have developed

  • IMT-2000 repeaters for solving the communication dead zone,
  • Several repeaters for PCS and cellular communication network which are based on the RF core technology,
  • Processor control technology
  • DSP design technology, which are the basic solutions for wireless mobile communication.

We took the lead in repeater industry by developing the next generation relay linked with software RF technology.

Since 2003, we have succeeded in developing South Korea’s first ground based aircraft navigation safety wireless system  by   developing the DVOR (Doppler VHF Omni-directional Radio Range) and DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) independently. . It was not only a turning point for technology localization in ground based aircraft navigation safety industry but also it was a starting for installing and operating navigation safety system in the Korean domestic market which relied on imported equipment from foreign countries for a long time.

At present, the navigation safety systems developed by technology center in MOPIENS are installed and operating at more than 200 airports and sites including main international airports. We have been awarded  the Prime Minister Prize for radio broadcasting new technology, New Excellent Product (NEP) certification and Technology Innovation Company (INNO-BIZ) certification by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA).

Now, the technology center of MOPIENS has developed ground based aircraft navigation safety wireless system such as the Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) and the next generation navigation safety system such as Multilateration System (MLAT) through the strategic technology development roadmap. We will be a developing technology center now, and challenging technology center in the future.

Backed with our stable technology, and continuous development, we at MOPIENS do our best efforts for safe and convenient aircraft operation anywhere in the world.